Lyft Announces Mono: The World's First Autonomous Ride-Hailing Wearable

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Lyft today announced Mono*, the world's first wearable device to enable autonomous ride-hailing by simply raising a hand. Sporting Lyft's signature magenta, the sleek and lightweight device is worn comfortably on the hand and employs built-in sensors that track your movement to summon one of Lyft's famously friendly drivers.

Mono works seamlessly with the Lyft app, freeing users from their cumbersome phone screens. Just raise, request, and ride. "Mono is an extraordinary device that makes Lyft the only rideshare service in the world to offer autonomous ride-hailing," said Melissa Waters, Lyft's Head of Marketing. "Some argue that the first ever rideshare passenger was a hitchhiker -- using his or her thumb to hail a ride -- and Mono draws from this origin to create today's most convenient ride-hailing experience."

Features of the Mono include:

  • Motion triggered LED lights that blink to indicate a match, increase in speed when your driver is en route, and pulse when he or she has arrived
  • BLE technology communicates wirelessly and seamlessly, allowing users to request a ride hands-free
  • A micro-controller, working in conjunction with the Lyft API, reads gyroscope and accelerometer data to request a Lyft ride
  • Soft, durable neoprene maximizes flexibility for a snug fit
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