Lalaloopsy Minis Style N Swap Suzette La Sweet Playset

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This Lalaloopsy Minis Style N Swap doll playset offer an exciting option for your child to enjoy for a long a time. This Lalaloopsy playset boutique allows kids to hold the cuteness of lovable dolls in the palm of thier hand.

  • The mini character Suzette La Sweet is taking a break from lounging to enjoy her new store.
  • Comes with a wig and all sorts of adorable accessories that you child can use to make up exciting stories.
  • Kids can also customize the doll's look using the removable pieces.
  • Includes a Lalaloopsy Minis Style N Swap doll, Suzette La Sweet and fashion accessories.
  • Highly collectible.
  • UPC: 035051541400

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