Starbucks 2014 Artisan Series Story of Origin Coffee Cup Mug 12 Oz


Inspired by the fertile lands that produce great coffee, this mug features sketched line art in coffee-brown tones in paying tribute to coffee origins and lands where great flavor is born. Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, and Kenya are the countries where the greatest coffee in the world is grown.

  • The first of 8 mugs in the Coffee Artisan Series. 01/08.
  • Coffee mug with tapered down features in an Earth-tone hatchmark pattern reminiscent of coffee rows.
  • Comes with Starbucks commemorative box.
  • Ceramic.
  • Holds 12 fl oz.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Highly collectible.
  • UPC: 762111009937

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